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Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School to Collaborate with Board Game Maker on STEAM Education. Fulelu inc. donated the board game “RoRop” developed by the company.

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Fulelu inc. (Kanzaki-shi, Saga Prefecture), which develops and sells educational toys based on the theme “Thinking is Fun”, will conduct joint research with Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School (Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture), established and operated by Fukuoka Futaba Gakuen School Corporation, using the board game “RoRop” developed by Fulelu inc., The joint research is intended to foster problem-solving skills, creativity, and cooperation as an entry point for STEAM education (1) and programming education (2).
Therefore, we would like to announce that we will hold a presentation ceremony of “RoRop” at Fukuoka Sugoha Elementary School on April 27, 2023 as a beginning of the joint research.

Message: Masanori Eguchi, Representative Director of Fulelu inc.
Fulelu inc. has launched the brand “Fulelu Edutainment Games” and is working to nurture curiosity through games in order to nurture talented future people and foster a better future. Through this joint research with Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School using RoRop, we would like to study together the influence on logical thinking to solve problems and the ability to face learning, etc.

Message: Chiharu Kawano, Principal of Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School, Fukuoka Futaba Gakuen
Fukuoka Futaba Gakuen is a comprehensive school from kindergarten to high school, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School has two distinctive courses, “Futaba Course” and “GC Course”, and aims to nurture global citizens with “Pray”, “Learn”, and “Support each other” as the three pillars of the school. Children will be able to acquire various skills such as thinking, judgment, programming thinking, and communication skills while studying at RoRop. In addition, the school will also use the program for interactions between different grade levels.


Event Outline
April 27, 2023 (Thursday) Presentation Ceremony: 13:00-13:30 
Workshop: 13:35~14:10

Principal’s room of Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School (7-1 Goshogadani, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City) and HR classroom

Recreation using RoRop was held.

Attendees: (titles omitted)
Masanori Eguchi, President of Fulelu inc.
Chiharu Kawano, Principal of Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School, Fukuoka Futaba Gakuen, and others

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