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Donated “RoRop” to Arita Town, Saga

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Fulelu inc. (Kanzaki-shi, Saga Prefecture, President: Masanori Eguchi), the developer of Fulelu Edutainment Games, will donate 8 sets of “RoRop” educational toys to the Arita Town Lifelong Learning Division and will hold a presentation ceremony.

Our company was founded in Kanzaki City, Saga Prefecture, in 2019, and in addition to web production and planning of marketing and other measures, we have established a game development division, “Edutainment Business,” under the theme of “Thinking is Fun,” and developed the “RoRop” educational toy. We decided to donate “RoRop” to the town of Arita, which promotes STEAM education, in the hope that it will be used by the children to help them learn.


Event Outline

Date: Friday, March 3, 2023 11:00 – (about 30 minutes)
Place: Arita Town Hall, 2nd floor, Mayor’s Room (2202 Tatebe Otsu, Arita Town)
Contents: Donation of 8 sets of “RoRop” educational toys to Arita Town.
Masanori Eguchi, Fulelu inc.
Mr. Yoshiaki Matsuo, Mayor of Arita Town
Mr. Noboru Kuriyama, Director of Education, Arita Town
Mr. Kazushige Chiyoda, Director, Lifelong Learning Division, Arita Town

We are happy to cover the event, but we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance.
We are planning to hold a workshop for elementary school students using RoRop on March 4 (Sat.) from 1:30 p.m. The workshop will be held at the Arita Town Lifelong Learning Center in the north of Arita Town.
The place is the Audio Visual Room on the 3rd floor of the Arita Town Lifelong Learning Center North Building. The workshop will be held at the Arita Town Lifelong Learning Center North Building, 3rd Floor, Audio Visual Room, on Saturday, March 4, from 1:30 pm.

For inquiries, please contact:
Arita Town Board of Education, Lifelong Learning Section, Mr. Tokuhisa
TEL 0955-43-2314


(2023.3.16~19) Fulelu Edutainment Games will participate in the joint exhibition “Thought” in Hasami town, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

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About thought EXHIBITION AND MARKET 2023

We will hold a joint exhibition of about 40 brands in all fields of clothing, food, and shelter, mainly by brands and creators active in Kyushu. With the keywords “move, touch, and devote” and “thought” as its theme, the exhibition will be a place for new communication and a new cultural exchange that fuses various genres, and a market will also be held by exhibiting companies.

The exhibition will be held for buyers and related persons.
General visitors are not allowed throughout the day.
3.16 (thu) 10:00~18:00
3.17 (fri) 10:00~18:00

Anyone is welcome to visit.
3.18 (sat) 10:00~17:00
3.19 (sun) 10:00~17:00

2198 Iseki-go, Hasami-cho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki

Former Hasami Town Central Elementary School Auditorium and Public Hall

info@thght.jp(thought executive committee)
HP http://www.thght.jp
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/thghtjp
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/thoughtkyushu/