RoRop Basic

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How-to game

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Aim of the game

The game board is set up diagonally, and players take cubes of one colour from the bottom row.They countinue to take a cube each time it is their turn.
The score is calculated using the total resulting number of cubes, the number of cube colours, and the number of cubes of the most plentiful coulour. The player with the highest score is the winner.

Game preparation

①Set the game board down diagonally.
②Place one cube of each of the six colours at the bottom of each of the six lanes.
③Arrange the remaining cubes. Avoid placing cubes of the same colour next to each other, verticallyor horizontally.

Playing the game

①Decide which player will take the first turn.
②Each player,in turn, chooses one colour of cube to take from the bottom of the lane.
③When there are two or more cobes of the same colour, the play can choose to take any number of cubes of that colour.
*Player can decide among themselves how many cubes they can take at once.
④The game ends when all the cubes are gone from all lanes.

Score calculation