Arrange Four

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How-to game

Aim of the game

The player stacks cubes at the top and removes ones from the bottom in order to line up four of the same colour in any directionvertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

this game requires a great deal of concentration, as the player must keep an eye on all the colors,

Playing the game

①Set the empty game board down diagonally. Decide the order in which the players take turns.

②During each player’s turn, they will take one of the following actions,’A’ or’B’.

A Place acube of the desired colour at the top of the lane of your choice. (Once all available cubes are placed, only action ’B’ may be taken.)

B Remove a cube from the bottom of the lane of your choice, and place it at the top of the lane of your choice. (If there are any cubes remainging yet to be placed after a player chooses action B, the next action the player must take is ’A’, because if it is ’B’ all the time, the game will not progress.)

③When four cubes of the same colour are aligned vertically, horizontally, or diagnally in one direction, the player shouts ’RoRop!’ to declare victory, and the game ends.