Online Event “SAGA, the Mecca of Startups – Special Pitch for Fundraising” Call for Participants and Speakers

Press Release 

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Our CEO, Mr. Eguchi, will be speaking at the online event “SAGA, the Mecca of Startups – Special Pitch for Fundraising”.

Details are as follows. We look forward to your participation.

Saga Prefecture is implementing various projects to support fundraising for companies in the prefecture.
Among them, in the field of crowdfunding (hereinafter referred to as “CF”) In the field of crowdfunding (hereinafter referred to as “CF”), Saga Prefecture has concluded a “Collaboration and Cooperation Agreement on the Utilization of CF” with fund raisers that support companies that have proposed CF, and has established a unique system in which contributions are paid based on this agreement if the target is achieved. In FY2021, the number of cases of CF support under this program reached a record high of 32.

In addition, in the area of financing through loans and investment, we provide support in line with the needs of startups through mentoring and business matching in three individual guidance programs tailored to each phase, and we have received numerous inquiries from companies and local government officials from outside the prefecture.

In this context, in order to further promote startup financing and the dissemination and promotion of startup promotion measures, an online event will be held to provide information to companies and local government officials in and outside the prefecture on the details of the prefecture’s support for startups, the activities of fund lasers, and points to consider when obtaining financing. The event will be held as follows.

Event Outline
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022, 15:00-17:00
Location: Online
Target: Businesses and entrepreneurs in the prefecture who are planning to raise funds including CF, as well as companies and local government officials in and outside of the prefecture who are interested in the activities of the fund raiser.
Participation fee: Free of charge
How to participate: advance registration (https://logoform.jp/f/cyYZg) *Deadline: November 30, 2022 (Wed.) 12:00 p.m.

(1) Pitch by fund laser

Conversation between FundLazer and companies in the prefecture that have successfully raised funds through CF
Presentations by FundLazer and companies that have successfully raised funds through CF with the support of FundLazer
Yusuke Matsumoto, Representative Director, Pino inc.
Masanori Eguchi, Representative Director, Fulelu inc.

Short presentation by FundLazer
Short presentations by fund raisers on their specialties and best practices
Miki Noguchi, Director, Kurafan Research Institute Co.
Hiroki Yano, President, SCB Innovation Academy Fukuoka Co.
Shaohiko Ota, Assistant Manager, Regional Trading Company Sagin Connect Co.

(2) Introduction of start-up support measures by the prefecture

(3) Presentations by entrepreneurs in the prefecture who aim to expand their businesses
Taku Yamamoto, Representative of Light gear, LLC
Jun Murayama, Representative Director, Boost Gate
Kaori Mita, Representative Director, Retocos Inc.

(4) Introduction of key points related to startup financing through loans
Takayoshi Kubo, Senior Research Manager, General Sales Group, The Eighteenth Shinwa Bank, Ltd.

(5) Critique
Ken Kumada, Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hirosaki University

DX/Startup Promotion Office, Industry and Labor Department, Saga Prefecture innovation@pref.saga.lg.jp